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Month: December 2022


There Is No Determined End To Fashion!

We all are familiar with the word fashion as it is used in our vocabulary. But only a few people understand the exact meaning of that word. Fashion is used to describe the latest or ongoing trends in clothing or any accessories. These accessories include jewelry, watches, bags, sunglasses, and footwear. It could be related to both men and women.

Fashion is a statement and an important factor in the modern world as people pay a lot of attention to your dressing style. If people know how to style their clothes properly according to the latest trends, they are considered fashionable. Being fashionable also means, you are keeping up with the current affairs of the world. Men’s fashion is different from women’s fashion in certain factors like clothing. But it can be the same in certain factors like footwear, sunglasses, etc.

As the world is becoming more modern and inclusive day by day the difference between men’s and women’s fashion is disappearing. Both genders are trying to discard their differences and accept their similarities. Hence the fashion world is witnessing a revolution as people start caring about it more. Fashion is all about complementing the personality of that particular person instead of their physical attributes.

Who Creates The Latest Trends In Fashion? 

Fashion keeps changing from time to time and we all are witness to that change. A trendsetter in fashion can be anybody from a fashion designer or a model to a common person. You don’t need to be a professional in fashion or require designer materials to set a trend. It could be an influence on a small or a large scale of people. When your style defines your personality then it can be considered fashion.


Previously it was easier for models to create a trend as people would look up to them and would get an opportunity to be on television. But in the world of the internet, anybody can upload their pictures for the world to see. So fashion can be created by anybody and anywhere through social media. Fashion today is different from what it was in the early 90s or the 2000s.

Latest Trends In Fashion Compared To Previous Trends- 

  • Loose-fit jeans are in fashion instead of skinny jeans.
  • Crop tops are opted for by people instead of long tops.
  • People prefer to wear sneakers rather than sandals or floaters.
  • People are wearing minimal jewelry like rings.